Niagara Falls Canada Impression

Finally it is time for an New post about Niagara Falls Canada Impression  . Since I was a kid. It was my dream to see the fascinating wonders of the world. I remember looking at a postcard and I was wondering, if it is real place. My dream came true. In June the 15 of 2017 being in the dreamland where I always wanted to be. I booked my trip to Canada in last-minute to visit my beloved aunt, cuisine and her little princess. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her family. We booked a day trip to Niagara falls, which is almost one an half hours drive from Brampton .My eyes were full of tear, when we reached their. No words to explain this wonder place of nature. My dream was coming true! We didn’t have to queue, despite it being morning. I had my Canon 700D with me and I was determined to take some fantastic photos and videos of the trip.Finally we got into Hornblower Niagara Cruises, every drop of water was coming towards us. I thought I would be scared, but the excitement had taken over. I hadn’t realized how close we would get…………

blue and white berlin

My new week started with lots of excitement. Well, finally my next vacation is now set up. Yes I will be flying to Canada (Toronto). I started my shopping list for my upcoming holiday. I just love Travelling. There are lots of places to explore in the world. There are lots of exciting people and cultural places to experience in the real world. Travelling is worth to spend for me. These memories last forever. I am full on excitement, because it will be my first time to explore North American Continent.

Today I decided to go shopping. One of the most popular shopping street is Kudamm also known as Kurf├╝rstendamm in Berlin. Berlin is one of the biggest Metropolitan for fashion and lifestyle. Berlin has its own identity, when it comes to fashion. Berlin is never boring, that is the reason, why I feel in love with is city.

Wow, it was 31 degree Celsius , hurry, so just grab this floppy dress from mango to enjoy blue and white Berlin summer. Do you also love travelling? whats your next destination?

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Mindful Body Scrub Reviews

Our life is full of day to day challenges which makes life stressful. This is quite natural, because we get out of balance by the hectic world. The ritual of Dao Mindful Body Scrubs from the rituals inspired by the centuries-old Chinese philosophy of life of the Yin and Yan. The products of the ritual are aimed at balancing the soul and finding inner peace. Yin and Yan are two opposites. Together they form the Dao (or Tao, as the ritual was called earlier). The Ritual of Dao is best used in the evenings to achieve the inner harmony of the day.

White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren form the basis of each product from the ritual. The white lotus flower is characterized by its delicate and soothing fragrance. An extraordinary flowering of the flower is also its ability to protect itself from external influences. It also protects our skin from environmental influences. Yi Yi Ren is the name of the company. These are used, among other things, in traditional Chinese medicine. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients. In addition,it helps to reduce pain and heaviness in the joints and irritated skin.

It smells beautiful and has a lovely creamy texture with perfect sized exfoliating bits to get the job done. It’s gentle but very effective! Great for my dry sensitive skin to leave it soft and smelling lovely. I am truly in love with is product.