Weekend in ralph lauren polo dress

Another new week is on progress. Crazy how time flies. Happy to be back to my blog With Weekend in ralph Lauren polo dress. Summer days are  perfect for those little white dress. Checked my closet felt like some gray tones are missing ,guess what found this michael kors Hamilton with gray and white  shades ;that made my day .  Lately I have been with lots of ups an down, How often I am avoiding the problems around me, but still most of the time it goes elaborated. It would be wonderful to have the ability to solve all problems efficiently and in timely without difficulty. Unfortunately there is no such way. How do you guys deal to your problems? Is it our creation? What are the best way to avoid problems?

Denim cross

This week was a casual week for me. Finally I got a Denim cross lookbook, which I worn this sunday walking through Berlin. Denim cross just lunched its  spring 2017 collection. They are all absolutely perfect. I combined a baby pink basic t-shirt, with a blue west and a black crossed jeans. Denim jeans and the classic superstar adidas sneaker are a nice combination which is always a fashion statement. Superstars Sneakers are the best sold shoes in USA 2016. No doubt because they classic, chic, comfortable as well very trendy.Get the look heir.

Outfit distressed jeans and stripes

Well after a chilly weekend, i am starting my week with my new blog post. Its about an outfit “distressed jeans and stripes”. Stripes are absolutely my favorite this days, because it is easy to mix and match. Distressed jeans are as always an eye catcher. I love distressed jeans especially in the form of boyfriend jeans. I am sure you all have at least a few pairs of denim distressed or ripped jeans. You can get the look with a chunky blouse or a striped shirt, to be ready for all your events.