blue and white berlin

My new week started with lots of excitement. Well, finally my next vacation is now set up. Yes I will be flying to Canada (Toronto). I started my shopping list for my upcoming holiday. I just love Travelling. There are lots of places to explore in the world. There are lots of exciting people and cultural places to experience in the real world. Travelling is worth to spend for me. These memories last forever. I am full on excitement, because it will be my first time to explore North American Continent.

Today I decided to go shopping. One of the most popular shopping street is Kudamm also known as Kurf├╝rstendamm in Berlin. Berlin is one of the biggest Metropolitan for fashion and lifestyle. Berlin has its own identity, when it comes to fashion. Berlin is never boring, that is the reason, why I feel in love with is city.

Wow, it was 31 degree Celsius , hurry, so just grab this floppy dress from mango to enjoy blue and white Berlin summer. Do you also love travelling? whats your next destination?

Sunny day with champagne

Sometimes I want to feel a bit more feminine for a cosy home party and a night out. I don’t want to be overdressed. The Mango Collection spring 2017 offers great styles for in between events. Jumpsuit is perfect choice for me, because it is easy and comfortable for warm days.

This Jumpsuit has a perfect mix of gold details, which  enhance the look. The outfit looks still cute, with a pair of leather jacket. When the sun goes down and start to become chilly. A bare shoulder look is always great for a party outfit or night out. Lately Berlin Weather was not that perfect, but the weekend got sunny.  I enjoyed a sunny day with champagne on the rooftop.